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Brotherly Love October 14, 2008

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Last week Mr. Man’s school was hosting their semi-annual book fair.  This is always a big deal, as Mr. Man LOVES him some books.  As Mr. Man, DB, and I were all standing there, looking at the books, a little boy about Mr. Man’s age, and his older brother who was about 7, came sauntering over to us.  The little boy proceeded to get right in DB’s face and roar loudly at her.  Now, living with Mr. Man every day… not much gets to DB.  So, she stood there and stared at the boy.

Mr. Man though, went right up to the boy, got in his face, and said “Don’t do that to my sister… or I will beat you up!”  I of course told Mr. Man that we do not speak that way, but inside, I was thinking “YES!  He is going to stand up for his sister when she needs it!”

Later that night, my parents were over and I was relaying the story to them.  Mr. Man overheard and said “Well, I said that to the younger kid, but I did NOT say that to the bigger kid!”  I started cracking up… he sticks up for his sister, yet even he knows his boundaries!


One Response to “Brotherly Love”

  1. OMG!!! How stinking sweet is that? Way to go lil dude!

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